Scope and Definitions

  • These service terms apply to the provision of charging services by the company that owns the charging station (Service Provider) through the Easy2Charge mobile application to users of electric vehicles (Customers). Smart Electric Technology SIA is a service aggregator (SET).
  • Electric Vehicle – a vehicle equipped with a power unit having at least one energy converter that is not peripheral, along with an electrically rechargeable energy storage system that can be charged from an external source (Directive 2014/94/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 October 2014).
  • Charging Station is a unit consisting of one or several charging points where rechargeable vehicles can be charged.
  • Charging Service is a service provided by the charging service seller to the electric vehicle user, allowing the user to utilize charging points and services.
  • Charging Points are slow and fast charging points enabling direct charging of an electric vehicle at a maximum power of up to 22 kW (alternating current regular charging point) or with a power of over 20 kW (direct current fast charging point).

Use of Electric Vehicle Charging Service and Payment

The electric vehicle charging service can be accessed by logging into the Easy2Charge application. The provided electric vehicle charging service is offered by the company that owns the charging station (Service Provider). The Customer pays the applicable fee for using the charging service at that time. The current applicable service fees are presented in the Easy2Charge mobile application and associated internet pages.

Refund of Fees

The Customer has the right to interrupt the charging service at any time. In such a case, the money will be returned to the Client. In order to process a return, the Client must submit an application by sending an email to Within two weeks, the Service Provider will send the Client’s unused funds to the account/card that was used to replenish the “Account Balance”, excluding the funds transfer fee.

Limitation of Liability

SET is not liable for any faults, delays, or errors that may occur in the provision of the charging service, nor for the smoothness of service utilization or other technical identification tools’ malfunctioning, or any damages caused by problems related to the use or functionality of the charging service. SET is not liable for unrealized services resulting from the work of third parties or interruptions in work (e.g., malfunctions of a cooperative partner’s bank). The members of SET management board and employees are not liable for damages that may arise to the Customer due to the use of the Easy2Charge mobile application and/or card payment acceptance service of the bank/payment institution, including: direct or indirect financial loss; loss of income; business loss, orders, business value, reputation loss that may arise from the interruption of business activities; data loss or inaccuracy; any other damage.

Customer’s Obligations and Interruption of Charging Service Provision

The Service Provider offers the charging service for common use in compliance with the applicable rules at the installation site of the charging stations (e.g., opening hours of the installation site, sanitary, fire safety, security, safety rules, and safety technology rules related to the operation of electrical equipment).

The Customer is obliged to:

  • carefully use the charging station according to its purpose, considering the interests of other customers;
  • vacate the charging point and the parking area designated for charging service after service consumption;
  • adhere to the sanitary, fire safety, security, safety rules at the installation site of the charging station, and safety technology rules related to the operation of electrical equipment.

The Service Provider has the right to temporarily interrupt the provision of the charging service without prior notice for necessary maintenance and upgrade operations. Additionally, the charging service may be interrupted for managing the energy system and electricity balance, ensuring the quality of power supply, or other similar operations.


The Service Provider has the right to change the service terms, price list, and technical conditions of the service. Changes to the service terms come into effect after they have been made available to the Customer through the Easy2Charge mobile application or the SET website, and the Customer subsequently continues to use the services through the Easy2Charge mobile application. When changing the service terms, the modified version will be posted on the website


The Service Provider and the Client (hereinafter referred to as the Parties) undertake to resolve all issues through negotiations. If the dispute cannot be resolved, the Parties may refer the case to the court of the Republic of Latvia.

These Terms of Service are governed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

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The Service Provider aims to offer the highest service quality to all Customers; hence, the Service Provider monitors feedback provided by Customers through the charging station management system regarding the service received at the charging stations.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints regarding the service terms, please contact us via email at